Nude Portrait
Carol Mittwede

Nude Oil Paintings & Boudoir Portraits

Nude Human PortraitCarol’s passion is creating nude oil paintings that invite the model and the viewer to new experiences of human beauty.

If you are looking to capture the sensual essence of your personality that boudoir photography might miss, Carol is interested in working with you. Carol takes the world of boudoir photography beyond shadow and texture into the sensual realm of emotion, mood and truth with her nude oil paintings.

Carol enjoys exploring human beauty and sharing the special beauty she sees in each of her clients.

This work is best accomplished with a studio session where you can view Carol’s nude oil paintings and work with her to explore your vision for a boudoir portrait. Commission oil paintings can also be created from your photographs.

For further information and to begin the adventure please contact Carol at or by telephone at 702 236-3818.

Please read an article published in the Review Journal